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  1. When can we buy the book?

  2. Architectgal, you don’t have to buy the book. Yours will come with roses and teddy bears. Lots of them. Happy Valentine’s DAY from the bipolar bear all kissy face. mawha!!!

  3. I will know that after I receive the 3rd proof from the publisher. Right now I am having a struggle with them over quality. They are not providing me the quality that I want and I may have to take my project elsewhere. I truly hope this doesn’t happen.

  4. Thanks. That was great, now where is the bookmark button

  5. I’m happy I found this, it just made my day!

  6. Thank you for your comment, keep coming back

  7. Thanks for you comment. Now I don’t know that the bookmark button is on my computer. I think it is on yours.

  8. Thank you much for your comment and corroboration at my post.

  9. And Thank you for visiting my website.

  10. I have just recently been diagnosed bipolar in the last couple of years. I remember my mother threatening to take me to a psychiatrist as a kid and teen and she would always tell me I was overly “emotional”. Now she says that and I tell her, its called bipolar lol 🙂 Thanks for this, I look forward to reading it!

  11. Amy thank you for your response. I hope my blogs and book can be of help to you

  12. Thank you, Carlton. Wow, I am reading some of the Seroquel comments. I have not heard of it helping anyone I know. It made me like a wet noodle with no personality, completely lifeless, like a zombie. My son also took it and it actually caused him to hallucinate. He had never done so before. (both visual and auditory). Has anybody else ever had this reaction? It did the complete opposite for me, but wow, I could not believe what it did to him!

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